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it’s all a marketing technique. people should show their love everyday, not once a year. they just wanna sell stuff. it’s the same thing as them forcing men to buy flowers for women. what if women don’t want flowers? it’s all a scam.
exactly! i mean, this entire “holiday” is based off consumerism and big corporations wanting to make money and pedal their products. by even buying into it, you’re giving them exactly what they want while most likely not doing the same for your significant other, if there is one in your life. i hate how this day is looked at as the only opportunity to express any sort of loving emotion towards your partner, as if today you presented them with a big bouquet, it would totally void and counteract any wrongdoings in the future.
  1. desertdesserts said: yeah it’s sad, the women are not expected to buy the husband anything. but if he doesn’t buy her something, the man is shamed because all the other men around him conformed. Love shouldn’t be measured by material objects.
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