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i just need to get this out after everything that has happened tonight

i feel like this has all been said tonight but i really don’t care because i just need you guys to know that i’m here for every single one of you. maybe you’re only following me because i post music you like and you don’t care about my personal posts but i care about you. i know that seems crazy to say about people i’ve never spoken to but if you follow me, you’re somehow acquainted with me and i believe that we share a small connection. and if any of you were to die at your own hand, that connection would be severed in such a terrible, unnecessary way. i’ve tried to kill myself. i’m a recovering addict who still struggles with sobreity, self harm and simple tasks like eating everyday. and i know a lot of you share these bad experiences and habits and can relate to the things i say about darker topics which in turn means i relate to you, as well. and if there’s ever anything going on, god, as small as having an argument with a friend or your mom or doing bad on a project in school to literally teetering between living and dying, just talk to me, okay? i feel like there are people who are scared to talk to me but please don’t be, i’ve become so close to so many of you and i honestly do not know what i would do without a lot of the people i’ve met on this website. being on tumblr has helped fill my boredom, boredom that normally was filled with drugs or harmful behaviour. there are relationships i have now because of this website that i cannot imagine my life without and to all of my followers, we could be friends too. i do care about the well being of all of you and to know that any of you guys are hurting or considering doing something bad to yourself, that scares me. it really does. i love all of you guys. i really do, and i just want anyone reading this to know that i’m here for you in your times of need.

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