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i get so distressed hearing the things B tells me about construction workers and the piggish, homophobic, racist, misogynist, bigoted slurs they toss around like it’s required to be on the job and having to listen to him complain and feel like a terrible person for having to suffer it and not be able to say anything because they’d ridicule him and make his job insufferable simply because he’s a good person who doesn’t stomach ignorance and bullshit like that is just so upsetting to me i don’t understand how there’s this inherent trait in a majority of construction workers to be so sick and terrible all the time but i hear it from everyone and i get subjected to cat calls and remarks when i walk by a group of them and it’s just so mind boggling to me like i don’t even know what this post is trying to accomplish except for expressing my disappointment in people


the fucking cutest dude works for the painting company that’s doing our complex right now and i keep running into him everywhere and it makes my legs all jelly like i hate attractive people they make me turn into a wet noodle


wondering why i keep getting headaches when i generally never do and then realizing i’ve drank heavily like 11/14 days these past two weeks lmao


i just got some anonymous message telling me i should be ashamed about going to see mac demarco in july and like

mac demarco has made whacky rape jokes that weren’t funny but i already have a ticket to see him and i still enjoy his music so i’m still gonna go see him and you can make me feel like shit about that decision all you want but i literally don’t care if you think you’re on a higher moral pedestal for boycotting all his work because of what he did like i’m not defending him whatsoever because rape jokes fucking suck no matter what but i’m not gonna never listen to him again or give up a concert i’m extremely excited for so get the fuck outta my ask box you not-holier than thou anonymous friend (jokes on you i have statcounter and i’m 90% i know who you are ha ha aha ahahaha)


walter pfeiffer

what do you mean you don’t get drunk at 3pm on monday afternoons with your best friend on a regular basis?


"Appuntamento in nero", 1991 Antonio Bonifacio

River Phoenix (23/08/1970 - 31/10/1993)
my dude and i laughed over this for a solid 20 minutes yesterday holy shit

i like him so much it’s crazy stupid and so exciting